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Military Online FPS (First Person Shooter)

dynamic visual impact / A thrilling depiction of modern high-tech battles between virtual groups

Advanced Military Actions in Modern Combat high quality visuals Pleasant and deep gameplay Advanced game mode system
Difficulty close to the so-called 'Easy to Learn, Hard to Master' level. The basic operation follows typical FPS using WASD, and most of the guns are easy to adapt to the game as they are designed to hit even if you shoot roughly, but this is the same for the opposing team, so regardless of rank, you die before you do anything. There are a lot of them, and especially when you play with skilled players with high ranks and good skills, you can greatly feel that the difficulty is never easy.
Even those who have just entered the FPS game, except for the destruction mode, due to the nature of the map, Map reading ability also requires a certain level, so if you want to play in earnest, refer to Black Squad-related clan war broadcasts, play videos, frack movies, top width / angle width videos, etc. It is very helpful to get into Black Squad.