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Future Web 3.0 platform leader DFChain = Infinity Market

DFChain is a global FPS game ‘Special Force’ developer Dragonfly, blockchain game and

It is a joint venture established in November 2021 by a game chain specializing in NFT.

Blockchain-based global WEB 3.0 platform ‘Infinity Market’


  • Leading the paradigm shift in the game industry through the combination of blockchain virtual assets and games

  • Global service of WEB3.0 game Preemption in the new game market through

  • Profit structure through expansion of related business models such as Metaverse and NFT Exchange

2. main business

  • Blockchain game development and overseas service

  • Coin management tasks such as interlocking related coins (Rushcoin) and additional listing on global exchanges

  • Development and operation of an NFT exchange for exclusive use of the game

3. business shape

  • Joint business through establishment of a joint venture (JV)

  • Domestic corporation: Headquarters and development (established by both companies at a 5:5 stake)

  • Overseas corporation (service operating corporation): Established in a country where blockchain game service is legally available (domestic corporation owns 100% stake)

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