What is an Infinity Stone?

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What is Infinity Stone (NFT)?

Infinity Stones are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be summoned and strengthened through the Infinity Market.

You can obtain Infinity Stones divided into five different rarities: Common, Normal, Epic, Legendary, and Special. If you summon, you will get the most Common and Normal, but if you are lucky, you can also obtain higher grades. Infinity Stones can be used in all games in the Infinity Market.

Infinity Stone Characteristics

There are three types of characteristics in Infinity Stones: Common, Main, and Sub. High-grade Infinity Stones can be exchanged for BEBIT and help you quickly acquire coins in-game.

ways to summon Infinity:

Global payment method (credit card, GCash, online and local bank payment+)

RUSH (ProBit, conducted on MEXC Exchange+) Ethereum (ETH)

If you click [Summon], the acquired Infinity Stones are displayed and automatically reflected in your account inventory.

The Infinity Stone is an essential component for P2E games in the Infinity Market.

Users can equip their desired game with Infinity Stones and proceed with mining activities through game play.

1) Grade: Consists of a total of 5 steps, and the higher the grade, the greater the amount of mining.

2) Reinforcement: Up to 9 levels can be strengthened, and the stone efficiency increases according to the level of reinforcement.

3) Stats: Each stone has its own main/sub-stats according to its grade and enhancement grade

4) Fatigue / Durability System: Control the supply of coins and secure a place to incinerate goods through the system

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