Ape casino

The world of digital assets becomes a reality! Ape casino

You can earn various digital assets through the APE Casino ecosystem. We look forward to your interest in APE Casino's first digital assetizati

The world's first social NFT Social Casino project APE Poker (Hold'em), APE Slots (Baccarat/Blackjack/Mini Games), APE Roulette & Bingo (Sports Betting) We will launch the project in three phases.

APE CASINO Phased Action Plan

VER 1 - APE Poker Open card games with popular poker rules, including No Limit Holdem, Tournament, OMAHA, SIX PLUS, and HEADS UP.

VER 2 - APE Slots About 23 slot games incorporating famous NFT IPs such as BAYC will be released. (Including APE Baccarat/Blackjack/Mini Games)

VER 3 - ape casino The construction of the WEB 3.0-based APE Casino economic ecosystem is completed. (APE Roulette/Bingo/Sports Betting launched)


APE CASINO Eco Fund NFT is a fund NFT issued for angel investors who are interested in the casino business and want to contribute angel investors who are interested in the casino business and want to contribute.

The eco-funds raised through this NFT minting will be utilized as a liquidity pool to expand the online / offline online/offline casino business expansion, and NFT holders can earn ETH mining rewards. ETH mining rewards.

APE CASINO Project Ecosystem

01. Casino Business (Online / Offline)

Online NFT Social Casino

Offline Casino Business

02. ETH Mining

Fund your mining with revenue from your online or offline casino business

03. NFT Publishing

Permanent ETH mining for the life of your online/offline casino business (limited minting)

APE CASINO NFT Product Composition

Date : 6/28 5PM ~ End of sales

Quantity : 8,010EA Price : 0.25ETH ~ 100ETH(Different by level)

Collection : Ape Casino Eco-Fund

Issuing Chain : ETH

Form of sale : NFT

Contract Address : 0xa1a43...fc57a

Table & Player System

  1. Rotifle Tier

  • Achievement: You and the table of players you have directly introduced reach a total of 100 ETH.

  • Reward: 1% of the NFT value of all players in the table. If you start by purchasing Rotifle NFTs, you will be rewarded every time you have a player.

  1. Master Rank

  • Achievement: Promoted to Master when any player at your table has a rotifle.

  • Reward: Same as the total rotifle reward of the rotifle player Master promotion condition only applies if you are a rotifle player.

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APE Casino NFT Investment Participation and Benefits

  1. Participate in investments by owning APE Casino NFTs

  2. APE Casino NFT Ownership

  3. Mining ETH with NFTs

  4. Give away chips earned through gameplay

  5. EXIT NFTs

  6. Coin mining through gameplay

  7. NFT Airdrops

Q. What network do you use?

A. We use the Ethereum mainnet (ETH).

Q. What wallets do you accept?

A. You must use METAMASK.

Q. Can I participate in Minting via mobile?

A. Yes, please send enough Ethereum (ETH) to cover the amount to be minted and the fee, as there is a small fee for minting.

  • Required matching fee for minting: Hold at least 0.01 ETH. If you don't have ETH in your metamask, you won't be able to mint.


  • If you are participating in an Ethereum Mainnet (ETH) mint, please be sure to participate in the mint with a metamask.

  • Ape Casino NFT mining will be held on the NFT MANIA Launchpad.

  • NFT purchases are non-refundable, so please check the details carefully before participating.

  • Please note that the above information is subject to change depending on the situation, and the team is not responsible for any problems caused by not understanding the instructions.

Guide to buying and mining NFTs

Go through the signup process through the Metamask browser.

  1. Launch Metamask

  2. Touch your browser

  3. Type ac-mining.io into the address bar

  4. Touch Sign up

Log in and connect with your MetaMask wallet.

  1. Proceed with the signup process (Referral required)

  2. Sign in with your registered account

  3. Connect MetaMask Wallet #1

  4. Connect MetaMask Wallet #2

Tap Buy NFT to go to the NFT Mania exchange.

  1. Connect your MetaMask wallet #3

  2. Touch the Buy NFT button

  3. Go NFT Mania

  4. Scroll through the screen Touch the BUY button

Proceed with the NFT purchase process.

  1. Invoke the Buy popup

  2. select your purchase

  3. enter minting information Touch Buy

  4. Confirm the minting process by text or Etherscan confirmation

Verify the NFT and proceed with mining.

  1. Touch Verify and mine NFTs

  2. Touch Start mining

  3. Send data metamask information (gas fee required)

  4. Start mining

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