Infinity Spaceship

Experience a higher level of efficiency mining system in Infinity Spaceship!

What is a Spaceship?

A Spaceship functions as a Guild in Infinity Market. Users who hold an Infinity Stone can create their Spaceships and share its mining benefits with other users via the Captain and Crew system.

  1. Planet

In Infinity Market, a Planet connotes a game within the Infinity Market Universe i.e., Special Force Rush, Infinite Rush, PixelGround, and more games coming soon.

2. Investor

An investor is a person or organization that puts money into Infinity Market with the expectation of achieving a profit. Investors can range from a single to multiple investors. These investors can purchase Infinity and share it with the crew members. The roles of an investor are Infinity support, revenue distribution, hire and drop a Captain, as well as Spaceship disposal.

3. Captain The Captain will be your guild leader. He will be managing the Spaceship and its crew members. His overall mission is to ensure the success and safety of his crew and the spacecraft.

4. The Crew will be your guild members and the core of the Spaceship. They help the captain protect and achieve the Spaceship's goals and interests. They will be able to make use of Infinity Stones’ perks without having to purchase their own.

You can create a Spaceship and assign Infinity to it.

You can nominate a Captain or apply for and approve recruitment of Captains and Crews.

You have the right to distribute the profits of Spaceship. (Calculate permission)

I have the authority to expel/dismiss the Captain and Crew and the Spaceship

Crew can be named/excluded. Infinity can be distributed/recovered from Crew.Gameplay All revenue generated is automatically distributed by Spaceship.

After entering, create the spaceship by specifying its Name (name) and Profit rate (magnification).

Build by specifying captain scale and sailor scale respectively(Spaceship Build builds require a Build fee and Gas fee.)

Creating one Spaceship Build is free (Build fee and Gas fee),From the second time on, the creation spaceship incurs costs (build fee and gas fee).

Upon clicking the ‘Apply’ button, a modal will appear. In this screen, the applicant can submit a message to the Guild Owner(Investor and/or Captain) as to why he should be considered for the position. Players may also attach 3 images containing proof of identification.

This successful notification will appear once the application has been submitted. The applicant must wait for the Guild Owner(Investor and/or Captain) to accept or reject the application.

Important Reminders


1.The cost of building a Spaceship is volatile and will depend on the current value in the market.2.A Spaceship can only board a maximum of four (4) crew members at a time.3.An Investor or a Captain can create multiple Spaceships.

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