Infinity NFT PFP

We are conducting the PFP NFT project using the IP of the game serviced by Infinity Market. Holders who own the PFP of the game can exercise various benefits provided by the project and their rights a

We have been building a strong NFT PFP ecosystem with various partners including BAYC. Based on this, various business synergies are created in the global market in Southeast Asia.

  • In the Indonesian market, various partners linked with famous IP such as Korea/global famous NFT BAYC, Toxic APE, Seven, and Doji Sound Club are possible

  • By issuing various NFTs and applying PFP, it is possible to build new BM products based on NFT PFP for the strong Southeast Asian market / Metaverse game service

  • Develop NFT products for 300 secondary products of global BAYC and apply PFP issuance to the Southeast Asian market, and sell specialized PFP products linked to global contents

  • DFChain Specialized NFT marketing and dedicated offline/online coupon membership community ecosystem can be built

  • Online inflow and pole platform holder attraction promotion in connection with the game currently being prepared for service in DFChain, and BAYC IP game development in progress

What is PFP?

Pixelground is a large-scale survival battle action online PC game featuring various and cute characters. A total of 10,000 NFTs will be issued in collaboration with DSC PFP, and holders who own PFPs can be provided the same character as PFPs in the game and participate in special events only for PFP holders.

These NFTs will be sold officially from Infinity Market once the market officially opens. Profits can be made through peer-to-peer trading or the company's buyback program.

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