Infinity Bet

Launched the world’s first blockchain-based sports live betting service

What is Infinity Bet?

All about sports! Be with Infinity Bet. As the world's first blockchain-based sports live betting service, various sports are available in real time.

You can use various service betting services after switching from Infinity Market to B-Rush through your Rush Coins.

Infinity Bet is World Cup, Baseball (KBO, MLB, NPB), Soccer (Euro, European Football, EPL, La Liga, Bundes, Serie, Champions League, AC Champion, K League, J League, Russia, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Australia, China, etc.) Basketball (NBA, KBL, WKBL, WNBA, Euroleague, Chinese Basketball, Australian Basketball), Volleyball (V-League, Nations League), Ice Hockey (NHL, KHL, SHL), American Football (NFL), Tennis It is the world's best 'sports integrated live score betting service' that allows you to check real-time scores and game information for all events at a glance.

There is a digital locker room where you can share and comment on World Cup TV broadcasts, highlights, VOD, news, and fan reactions, and Spokey provides a real-time store, so you can watch live matches of current matches in real time.

Infinity Bet will be updated so that you can check lineup comparison analysis, real-time game status, and match records. You can cheer for a specific team through cheering comments, register and share game predictions or impressions in the community, and display various bulletin boards with Infinity Market customers. Information can also be exchanged.

If you designate a game you are interested in, all game situation notification services such as start, score, end, and cancellation of the game will be provided free of charge, and various information can be shared with interested customers.

The real-time conversation function will also be updated, and various information and fun will be provided to sports enthusiasts by predicting match results through user popularity voting and big data analysis.

How to use Infinitybet

Accessible through ‘INFINITY BET’ in the menu at the top of the Infinity Market homepage

< How to access the Infinitybet website >

< How to connect Infinitybet Rush Wallet >

Link to Rush Wallet through [LOGIN] on the top right of the Infinitybet homepage

< Description of each Infinitybet menu>

  1. You can check the list of matches by Infinity Bet category.

  2. [1:1 MATCH] You can create and participate in Infinity Bet rooms, and the method is 1:1.

[RESULT] You can check the match result.

[TOURNAMETN] To be added later.

[MY BET] You can check the history of matches you have created/bet on.

  1. Language change and Event/Infinity Market Discord etc. can be checked.

  2. You can open a betting room for the game you want.

  3. You can check the list of betting rooms you have opened and betting rooms opened by users.

< How to charge and exchange Infinity Bet BET CHIP >

  1. Log in to Rush Wallet and click the wallet icon


  3. Enter the amount you want to exchange

  4. The amount of BRUSH you currently have in your Rush Wallet

  5. Click to proceed with exchange

< How to open an Infinity Bet betting room (1) – Check the game to open a room >

  1. Click [1:1 MATCH]

  2. Click [Match List] and click the desired match category

  3. Check the list of matches you want to create in [Match List Contet]

< How to open an Infinity Bet betting room (2) – Open a betting room >

  1. Click the [BET] button of the team that is likely to win the game you want

  2. Check the team you selected and win/loss

  3. Select goods and enter quantity for betting

  4. In this game, select the ratio of the opponent's minimum bet amount to your bet amount. The opponent must bet more than the corresponding bet amount to participate in the room.

  5. Click to open a betting room

< Check the list of betting rooms created by Infinity Bet >

  1. [Challenge List]: You can check the list of created rooms

  2. [Waiting]: List of rooms created by you

  3. [Challenge]: List of rooms created by other users

< Join the betting room created by Infinity Bet >

  1. Goods to bet when participating in the room

  2. Press [Fight] to participate in betting

    • % indicates that the room creator must bet more than the corresponding % of the bet amount to participate.

  3. Check selected match and win/loss

  4. Enter the betting amount

    • You can bet more than the set minimum bet amount

  5. Click to complete betting

< Check the game you bet on Infinity Bet >

  1. Click [MY BET]

  2. [Matching]: List of matches in progress after successful matching between room creator and participant

  3. [Settled]: A list of matches that have been completed among matches that have been matched

< Infinitybet Other Q&A >

Q) Where can I collect my bet amount after the match is over?

A) As soon as the manager confirms the end of the game, the commission and betting amount are automatically settled and paid to the user's wallet.

Q) What are the fees?

A) In the match result, 10% of the betting amount of the losing user is deducted as a fee and paid to the winning user.

Q) Where can I check the dividend?

A) There is no dividend, and the winning user gets all the dividend amount of the losing user after excluding fees.

Q) Are there any draws?

A) There is no draw, and users can only bet by selecting win/loss. If the match ends in a draw, the bet amount will be paid to the user without any deduction.

> Room creator

Bet on the team with the highest winning rate when opening the room

  • Room creators cannot set the other party's minimum bet higher than their own, so they cannot aim for reverse. (If you are aiming for reverse, you must join the created room)

  • If it is seen that the winning rate of the team you selected is higher than that of the opponent in the match, you must set the minimum participation amount of the other party lower than your own so that the other party will also have a reason to participate in the match. If the room creator selects a team with a high winning rate in the game and sets the opponent's minimum dividend amount to 100% compared to the player, it is expected that no opponent will participate in the room, and in that case, the bet will not be made.

> Room participant

Relatively lower than room creators To bet with the betting amount can participate If you win after participating, you can win a large bet amount with a low bet amount.

If the bet is successful, you can check the current betting list in the Challenge List, and you can automatically receive compensation after the game is over.

We are planning to provide various sports live games in the future, so we ask for your support.

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