Infinity Market

WEB 3.0 Pioneer Infinity Market


Blockchain-based global WEB 3.0 Platform ‘Infinity Market’

▶ What is Web 3.0?
Using semantic web technology to understand the contents of web pages and
Intelligent web technology that can provide customized information
It is an automated programming technology (smart contract) inherent in virtual currencies such as Ethereum, enabling web use without administrator intervention.
Provides a protocol to take full ownership of data with non-fungible tokens (NFT, WEB 3.0) using encryption technology

DFChain's self-developed Google Store and Steam WEB 3.0 Global Content Platform

  • Infinity Market launches beta service in March 2022, is preparing for grand opening service, and has about 230,000 platform users
  • About 14 types of WEB 3.0 games in Infinity Market are onboarding, and 4 types of beta services are in progress. Strengthening game lineup through continuous sourcing
  • Owning various other functions and contents, expanding the WEB 3.0 ecosystem and increasing sales by linking with Metaverse: Spaceship (NFT rental function), PFP (Picture for Profile), NODE, city construction, sports betting, etc.
  • Building various BM products by issuing NFT through content collaboration and applying PFP
  • Sales of PFP commercialization service products linked to Infinity Market by applying games/contents/M2E/W2E and various NFT products/PFP
  • Game content development and global service using NFT IP (BAYC IP game development)

Completed DFChain’s ‘Token Economic Ecosystem’

Web 3.0 Marketplace Platform Block Chain & NFT Core Securing
Korea’s first self-developed mainnet ‘BEBIT’
  • When issuing and trading NFTs Transaction fee (gas fee) resolution
NFT Mania Open Platform NFT Exchange
  • Infinity market issuance, NFT purchase and trading (including overseas Opensea, Dragonfly's own exchange Sfolier, game chain NFTMANIA, etc.)
Infinity Stone Web 3.0 NFT
  • Provide NFT to acquire coins

Professional manpower composition under Neowiz CEO (former) Yoon Sang-gyu, who made the first-generation game platform bell pepper and made the Black Squad FPS game successful

Self-developed ‘Rush Wallet’
  • Coin deposit and withdrawal management
RUSH Coin Ethereum BEBIT
  • Coin deposit and withdrawal management, reward supply and demand control
service game
  • Dragonfly, game chain holding and sourcing game (to be launched continuously)

Korea’s first mainnet ‘BEBIT’

Resolving transaction gas fees (transaction fees) through issuance of game coins, Infinity Stones, and NFTs through its own mainnet BEBIT
※ What is mainnet?
A network that actually operates the blockchain. As an independent platform, create an ecosystem of cryptocurrency exchanges and interpersonal wallet transactions and create cryptocurrency wallets.